By Vickie Keam

Prior to attending hands-on clinical training, Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP) students are supported by LCO faculty in preparing a thesis dissertation based on a case study or literature review. As part of our ongoing effort to disseminate osteopathic research, we are proud to highlight selected student works.

In her dissertation, Restoration of Bone’s Elastic Response Using Osteopathic Techniques”, Vickie Keam examines how osteopathic treatment approach can be directly guided by the anatomical structure and biomechanical properties of bone tissue.

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About Vickie Keam

Vickie Keam is an Animal Therapist located in southern Alberta focused on building knowledge and helping animals and people. Vickie has attended international studies for multiple species and boasts 11 years of continuing education and 18 certifications which include a Diploma in Equine Osteotherapy, Associate Certificate in Osteopathy, Craniosacral therapy Level’s 1&2, and Animal Normalization Technique certificates focusing on fascial work and organ mobility. Vickie has extensive practical experience, beginning her therapy career as an equine therapist for 8 years before moving to small animals and now, furthering her education in humans. Her understanding, dedication, and passion has made a difference for horses, pets, and people. Vickie maintains that furthering her studies is allowing her to bring new ideas to the field.  She is currently working on refining her technique in restoring bone’s elastic response. When she isn’t being a therapist, she also enjoys her own horses, travelling, and experiencing Canada’s natural beauty through fly fishing and photography.