“An investment in knowledge pays the highest interest” –  Benjamin Franklin


Yoga & Osteopathy working together

Each year thousands of new yoga teachers are entering the already competitive industry. How can you stand out and become a sought-after instructor in your community? Learning new skills, understanding the particular needs of your students, and growing your client base are the key components to a successful career.

Today a growing number of yoga practitioners are integrating manual osteopathic therapy into their practice. The holistic philosophy of osteopathy and the age-old discipline of yoga share remarkable parallels.  Both recognize the importance of anatomical alignment and a strong musculoskeletal system as the main contributors to health and longevity.  

 LCO offers efficient and affordable programs designed to provide yoga professionals with in-depth knowledge of anatomy & physiology, biomechanics, musculoskeletal pathologies, and osteopathic treatment modalities. Upon completion of your osteopathic study, you will be able to address the specific needs of individual clients in a private class setting through the incorporation of manual osteopathy into your practice:

  • Classes for people struggling with mobility issues
  • Classes addressing back or joint problems
  • Classes for clients with occupational trauma or sports injuries
  • Classes for seniors 

We invite you to browse through our wide range of courses and programs and select the study best suited to your professional goals.