Gain understanding of the causes, mechanisms and effects of systemic diseases and musculoskeletal pathologies.

Tuition Fee
USD $249.00


Gain understanding of the causes, mechanisms and effects of systemic diseases and musculoskeletal pathologies.

Tuition Fee
US $249.00


In an efficient and engaging way, the Pathology course delivers a fundamental understanding of ‘how and why’ people get sick. This comprehensive study explores a wide range of diseases and conditions prevalent in today’s society—such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis—and the pathological processes behind them.

This course introduces the concepts of injury and departures from normal structure and function in the human body, as occurs in disease. The various pathological processes and their importance in the development of human disease are reviewed in depth. A particular emphasis is placed on the traumas and degenerative conditions affecting the Musculoskeletal System.

By the completion of this course, you will build a solid foundation necessary for the comprehension of other LCO courses such as Osteopathic Models of Health and Disease, Gerontology, and Osteopathic Modalities and Treatments, or for any other medical studies, you plan to undertake in the future.

Course learning materials include

  • recorded lectures 
  • downloadable presentations
  • video tutorials
  • online textbooks 
  • self-assessment quizzes 
  • communication with a course instructor
  • Certificate of Completion
  • lifetime access to course updates




Online unit quizzes, Final exam. Passing grade:  75%.

CEUs –  12
1 CEU= 10 study hours
Completion time: 120 hours

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    Pathology Online Course


    Pathology is an online course delivered through ten interactive lectures. The curriculum includes the teaching of both general and systemic (organ) pathology. The general pathology section explains the processes that underlie all diseases such as tissue pathology, inflammation and repair process, metabolic deficiency, and degenerative diseases. Lectures covering systemic pathology provide an overview of systemic diseases and pathological conditions affecting systems of the human body.

    • Inflammation, Injury and Repair
    • Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Muscle and Bone Pathology
    • Pathology of Upper Extremity
    • Pathology of the Shoulder
    • Pathology of Lower Extremity
    • Pathology of the Hip
    • Neck Pain and Headache
    • Pathology of Upper and Lower Back

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    Tuition Fee
    US $249.00

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    Course Reviews

    Jeanne Maslow
    Massage therapist
    Very good course! It gave me an understanding of musculoskeletal development and pathophysiology which I never acquired in my previous studies.
    Barbara Latimer,
    Yoga instructor
    The overall value of this comprehensive study is excellent, although it was difficult. This course took a bit of time to complete, but I liked the self-paced aspect.
    Pieter Veerbeek,
    Personal trainer
    I liked the graded quizzes. They really helped me to get ready for a final test.


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