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Skin Care & Osteopathy

With a growing demand for nonsurgical anti-aging treatments, osteopathic esthetics has proven effective in the treatment of wrinkles, broken capillaries, peri-orbital puffiness, dark circles and post surgical scarring. Osteopathic facial treatment is defined as the sequential application of manual osteopathic techniques to the areas of the face and neck in order to alleviate signs of aging and skin deterioration.

The treatment approach is based on the holistic philosophy of Osteopathic medicine which views the human body as a unit in which structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) are interrelated. According to osteopathy, the symbiotic relationship between the lymphatic, circulatory, immune and nervous systems is an essential component to health maintenance and disease prevention.

Professional estheticians interested in a holistic approach to skin care will learn manual lymphatic drainage and craniofacial techniques, including the pressure, direction, rhythm and sequence of their application. They will be able to identify potential problems with a blocked or overloaded lymphatic network, and understand the origins and theories of craniosacral therapy in relation to problematic skin conditions.

Osteopathic manual therapy is a powerful treatment in its own right and may also be used in conjunction with most facial treatments, body massage, as well as by beauty therapists, acupuncturists, aroma therapists, and reflexologists.

Earn a Certificate in Osteopathy & Facial Esthetics and distinguish yourself as a knowledgeable, skilled and committed professional in the field of holistic skin care.

View a clip from an instructional course video demonstrating elements of the lymphatic drainage technique.