Pilates & Osteopathy

The interest and popularity of Pilates are growing worldwide. In addition to being used as a fitness routine, Pilates has been steadily gaining acceptance among the medical community as a part of the rehabilitative programs.

If you ever considered expanding the therapeutic aspect of your current practice, manual osteopathy is a perfect fit for both classical and modern types of Pilates, and an increasing number of fitness professionals are choosing osteopathic training to further their careers.

There are many similarities between the two disciplines, both believing in the self-healing capacity of the human body.  As a corrective form of exercise, Pilates builds core strength, flexibility and body awareness.  Osteopathy aims to find a ‘weak link” in the musculoskeletal system and works on removing the ‘somatic lesion’ by applying a set of manipulative techniques specific to manual osteopathy.

Becoming a manual osteopath entails proficiency in basic health sciences, biomechanics, osteopathic philosophy and treatment skills. The learning process demands time and dedication, and many find it difficult to take time off work or family commitments. LCO offers working professionals aflexible, affordable and efficient osteopathic training. We invite you to browse our range of courses and programs to select the study best suited to your lifestyle or career objectives.