Pilates & Osteopathy

If you have ever considered expanding the therapeutic aspect of your current practice, an education in manual osteopathy offers Pilates practitioners a logical next step to further their careers in the wellness industry.

There are many similarities between the two disciplines. Both believe in the self-healing capacity of the human body.  As a corrective form of exercise, Pilates builds core strength, flexibility and body awareness.  Osteopathy aims to find ‘weak links” in the musculoskeletal system and works on removing the ‘somatic lesion’ by applying a set of proven manipulative techniques.

Becoming a manual osteopath entails proficiency in basic health sciences, biomechanics, osteopathic philosophy and treatment skills. The learning process demands time and dedication, and many find it difficult to take time off work or family commitments. LCO offers working professionals flexible, affordable and efficient osteopathic training. 

In addition to their osteopathic courses, LCO gives Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) members the opportunity to earn 20 NCPC approved CEU credits through their Pilates Health Science Essentials (PHSE) bundle. 

PHSE takes students beyond the muscle anatomy traditionally taught in TT classes. In a structured approach, PHSE ties together core health sciences: anatomy, physiology, and pathology, revealing how the human body functions to sustain life and fight off disease.

Students engage in a dynamic discovery of all organ systems, demonstrating the interdependence of structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) with emphasis on the anatomy and biomechanics of the vertebral column. The pathology course examines causes, signs and symptoms of diseases prevalent in today’s society,  as well as health conditions frequently encountered in a Pilates class setting.

PMA members can  take advantage of the promo code PHSE21 to reduce the fee of the PHSE bundle from USD $229 to USD $99 when enrolling online. For more information click on the following link: https://www.lcocanada.com/training/pilates-health-science-essentials/