Applied Anatomy & Physiology

Gain an advanced understanding of how the human body operates to sustain life

Tuition Fee
USD $249.00

Applied Anatomy & Physiology

Gain an advanced understanding of how the human body operates to sustain life

Tuition Fee
US $249.00



Anatomy & Physiology (AAP) are the fundamental building blocks of healthcare practice. Without a deep understanding of the internal body, health professionals cannot truly evaluate, diagnose and treat illnesses. 

AAP course is a dynamic, comprehensive study intended to advance your knowledge of the human body. Anatomy examines the structures of the body. Physiology is the study of multiple functions associated with each structure. This course covers the shape, structures, and functions and provides a fundamental understanding of how the human body operates to sustain life.

Academically effective learnings content includes such topics as levels of organization (cells and tissues), physiological mechanisms of regulation and control (homeostasis), support and movement (anatomy and biomechanics of the spine and major joints), transport of fluids (blood and lymph), energy, maintenance, and environmental exchange.

The course examines integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, lymphatic, cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, and digestive systems. Particular emphasis is placed on the advanced anatomy of the musculoskeletal system, with each body region covered in a separate section of the course. The biomechanical link between movement and functional anatomy is further examined through an in-depth explanation of the biomechanics of the spinal column including cervical, thoracic,  and lumbar-sacral segments. 

The learning material is delivered through fifteen online lectures and includes

  • recorded lectures 
  • downloadable presentations
  • video tutorials
  • online textbooks 
  • self-assessment quizzes 
  • communication with a course instructor
  • Certificate of Completion
  • lifetime access to course updates



Passing grade: 75%

CEUs – 12
1 CEU = 10 study hours
Completion time: 120 hours


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    Applied Anatomy & Physiology


    The estimated completion of the course is 120 hours, depending on the students’ previous academic background and time availability.

    Upon registration, you will receive your login credentials to LCO’s online learning platform and may begin your studies. Access to courses does not expire: you may follow your studies at the time and place convenient for you from anywhere in the world.

    • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology: Terminology, Anatomical Planes, Celluar Organization
    • Integumentary System: Tissues and Skin
    • Connective Tissues: Ligaments, Tendons, Fascia
    • Muscle Tissue
    • Bone Tissues
    • The Nervous System
    • Cardiovascular System
    • The Lymphatic System
    • The Respiratory System
    • The Digestive System
    • The Muscular System
    • The Skeletal System 
    • Head and Neck Anatomy
    • Upper Limb Anatomy
    • Lower Limb Anatomy
    • Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Spine

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    US $249.00

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    Course Reviews

    S. Lysenko
    Yoga and Pilates teacher
    Russian Federation
    Great course! I found the lecture slides were extremely informative. I did not have to use any textbooks: everything I needed came from the lectures and the video tutorials.
    B. Fainstein
    Massage therapist
    I enjoyed the course immensely and would recommend it to anyone seeking in-depth understanding of Anatomy.
    I learned more in a few weeks than I would have learned in an entire year by myself.
    Personal trainer
    Excellent course! Love the lectures and the professor's voice was very good. Lessons are very concise, no time wasted on unnecessary stuff.


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