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Clinical Training in Barcelona 2016

Step Inside Our Clinical Training in Barcelona 2016!


From November 14-21, 2016, LCO held its first Clinical Training in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. Participants came from  Europe, North America, and even as far away as the island of Guam to attend the training at an osteopathic clinic, situated inside a 19th century modernist building in the heart of the city. The training was conducted by Jane Dominey, a European-trained osteopath and Canadian, Rita Shpilt (OMT, RMT), who imparted such techniques as muscle energy, balanced ligamentous tension, joint mobilization, facilitated positional release, strain-counterstrain, and cranio-sacral and lymphatic techniques.  During a business class, students had an opportunity to explore the latest developments in social media marketing and learn how to apply them to the specifics of their own practices.


Here is what Sigrid Graber, a naturopath from Germany, said about her clinical training experience,

“The material was absolute sufficient not to be overwhelmed. Rita and Jane are both very experienced therapists and passionate and kind teachers. Priority was always that we understand why we do certain things in a certain way. No question remained unanswered. We had real patients with real feedback. Rita and Jane gave us a lot of confidence in preparing all the different steps with us. Beginning with the moment the patient comes in, the questions we have to ask, the assessments that are important for the different conditions and finding the right treatment plan. I even had the possibility to talk to a real Website Pro to improve my homepage and am very thankful for that. We also had a great social time preparing real paella together. I can just say thank you for this unforgettable time.”