Canine Pathology & Diseases

Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatments of canine diseases and their effects on a dog's lifespan and health

Tuition Fee
USD $229.00

Canine Pathology & Diseases

Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatments of canine diseases and their effects on a dog's lifespan and health

Tuition Fee
US $229.00


This complete canine pathology guide is intended for animal care professionals, veterinary students, and health practitioners keen in advancing their understanding of a canine in the state of disease. The course includes a comprehensive review of pathology and pathophysiology of a specific illness. Pathology describes an abnormal or undesired condition, whereas Pathophysiology explains functional changes associated with a disease or injury.

A special focus is placed on age-related ailments such as arthritis and reduced mobility, kidney and liver diseases, digestive and immune disorders, oncology and formation of lumps and masses, heart disease, sight, and hearing loss to name just a few.

By the completion of the course, you will become familiar with more than one hundred conditions, their causes, clinical signs and symptoms, developmental patterns, information on prevention, and available treatments.


  • Lesson 1.   Introduction to pathology
  • Lesson 2.   Inflammation and tissue repair
  • Lesson 3.   Infectious diseases
  • Lesson 4.   Nervous system pathology
  • Lesson 5.   Digestive system pathology
  • Lesson 6.   Cardiovascular and respiratory system pathology
  • Lesson 7.   Urinary and endocrine system pathology
  • Lesson 8.   Musculoskeletal system pathology
  • Lesson 9.   Integumentary system pathology
  • Lesson 10. Oncology and neoplasia


Three quizzes, final exam. Passing grade: 75%

Continuing Education

CEU’s  – 12 units
1 CEU = 10 study hours
Completion time: 120 hours

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    Learning material is delivered through ten interactive lessons and includes:

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    • video tutorials
    • free online textbook
    • self-assessment quizzes 
    • instructor support
    • Certificate of Completion
    • lifetime access to course updates

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    Course Reviews

    Peter Sparkman
    Dog trainer
    Completion of the course gave me the confidence to talk to my clients about their dog's health concerns. I gained a deeper understanding of how poor health can be affecting dogs behavior and habits.
    Marina Sobchak
    Veterinarian Assistant
    I can't begin to tell you how much I'm loving this course! An abundance of information is presented in an engaging and structural way, not only explaining the causes of each condition, but also current treatments and advice on prevention.
    Veronica Shultz
    Sales and Marketing
    I want to compliment LCO on creating an interesting and efficient course. I do a lot of traveling for my job and having the flexibility to follow the study while on the road, with no deadline to finish, was really helpful. I was pleasantly surprised that my course instructor was always prompt to answer my questions. Thanks a lot!


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